Feel good in clothes that do good. When you purchase OTM Clothing you are not only supporting local initiative at-risk programs but you are actually part of the impact.

Your purchase changes lives because because we create local initiatives that serve vulnerable and at risk populations. One of our objectives is to employee individuals that are currently facing homelessness who live in temporary residents or transitioning out of homelessness.

Our clothing not only does great things but it feels great to wear with sustainably sourced high quality materials. Our cotton is certified GOTS and we only utilize rPet fabric,  each of our suppliers and collaborators share our vision and are equally committed to a sustainable world, allowing us to bring truly ethical fashion directly to you.

We put enormous care and love into each one of our articles and hope that energy resonates with you.

OTM stands for Off The Mat referring to yoga practice where your physical and mental limits are tested. It's on our mat that we are in a space of exploration and discovery. OTM embodies the attitude of; compassion, kindness, honour, and resilience off the mat.

As a community we can collectively use love to make an impact on the world around us by choosing to take action. Every choice we make should lead from the heart and when you consider OTM for your clothing you can feel happy you are responsible for transforming lives.

We invite you to be part of the kindness movement. Lead by compassion and a strong will of determination cultivated on the mat to take things off the mat.

Welcome to OTM Clothing co.